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Dedicated to making your dream event come true, the Fidanza family has invested time and love to make Villa Venezia a unique venue for you and your guests to experience.

After a multi-million dollar renovation in 2013, Villa Venezia stands as a picturesque location for all kinds of special events.

Tucked away within the beautiful landscape of the Hudson Valley, Villa Venezia brings a piece of Italian countryside and boutique style to every event it holds. Known for its excellent service, Villa Venezia is defined by its attentive and detail-oriented event planners and staff members. Every unique detail of a special event is handled with the upmost care and customization to ensure that all guests are captivated from beginning to end. At Villa Venezia, we take pride in creating the ideal atmosphere for life’s most significant memories.

Book an appointment to tour and experience the magic that Villa Venezia contains today!

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